Skateboarding Techniques

There are a number of different techniques skaters use while skating in a public skating park or in the high end X Games competition. The different techniques are not learned overnight nor can they be perfected in a short period of time. They must be learned with practice and patience. The more you learn the basic techniques the quicker you will learn the harder more complicated techniques that experienced skaters use all the time.

The best way to do this is watching others that are experience and following what they tell you and by watching help videos reading about the various techniques on the internet. There are plenty of different techniques that can be performed from the basic pushing techniques to stopping and the tick tack and different turns. The techniques may sound basic but most have to start by crawling not running and the same pertains to skateboarding.


Pushing and Stopping when Skateboarding

There are a number of different ways to push off but there is really only one correct one. This technique helps a skater to remain balanced and will help to increase the speed. One must have the lead foot on the bolts that are on the front of the board. The opposite foot needs to be extended in front of the body. Then in one motion thrust off with the foot that is on the ground in order to start...


Swing Boarding and Land Paddling

Swing boarding is done when a skateboard deck is taken and suspended from the pivot point above the rider thereby allowing the rider to then rise above the pivot point. The board then swings and creates a similar movement to a half pipe. This may have come from riders that were sitting around their back yards and swinging on their swing sets. The end results are like a rider swinging in a back a...


Kick Turn, Tick-Tack and Manual

The tick tack gives one the opportunity to change direction while the board it still rolling forward. Take the back foot and place it on the back inclined part of the skateboard. This part of the board is known as the tail. Then pushing down on the tail, lifting the front of the skateboard and its wheels off the ground will allow for changing direction. One can move the hips from one side to ano...


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