Skateboarding Equipment

The equipment for skateboarding really involves the different style of boards that are available and the safety equipment that is used to protect from injury. The types of skateboards change when boards are used by recreational skaters and by professional. Some are more concave than others, some have hard wheels and better bearings some are short and now there are the longboards for riding at high speeds down hills.

Skateboarders are known as being daredevils and performing artists but the majority know how important their safety equipment is. There is never a time when skaters should be without their full gamut of safety gear in order to not have any problems in case something unexpected happens. Other equipment that is important is the wheels and the different boards that are made. Some boards are for competition while others are for just recreational use. Just remember to be safe and not sorry when it comes to safety equipment



There is no specific type of short boards. Skateboards are broken into regular boards and long boards. The regular board is between 33 and 35 inches long and are used by the majority of skateboarders. They are used by those that are recreational skaters and professionals who compete in events around the world. The main use for them is the recreational skaters that either skate in parks or up and...


Long Boards

The longboard skateboard is a variation of the skateboard for surfers, and often times are referred to as snowboard or surfboard on wheels. The longboard is used to cruise, slalom race, downhill race and for transportation. The longboards are much different than the short boards and the stunts done on longboards are much different than the ones of short boards. Longboards usually measure between...


Skateboarding Wheels and Safety Equipment

Skateboard wheels were originally made of steel and then subsequently were made of polyurethane. The poly wheels were so good performance wise and traction wise that in 1972 skateboarding started to revive again after six to eight years of plummeting in popularity. Companies started to invest in research and development and little by little better wheels were manufactured. There are a number of...


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