There is no specific type of short boards. Skateboards are broken into regular boards and long boards. The regular board is between 33 and 35 inches long and are used by the majority of skateboarders. They are used by those that are recreational skaters and professionals who compete in events around the world. The main use for them is the recreational skaters that either skate in parks or up and down the streets where skate parks are not available. The shorter of the skateboards is easier to maneuver and can be turned sharper and used to stop quicker.

The boards are used to perform jumps and to make many different tricks while in competition or while just playing at the local skate park. They are great for jumping over obstacles and making quick tricks that take superior strength and agility. Ramp skating is great with the shorter boards and makes for consistent maneuvers like riding on just two wheels and doing wheelies and spinning. These boards are everything the long boards are not. The shorter boards are easier for any trick other than going downhill or taking long tours on the board.

Freestyle skating was made for these shorter boards as well. Many of the basic tricks that riders first learn and then perfect are done on the shorter boards. This became very apparent in the 1980s when street skating became popular and wide-vert boards had short noses, large soft wheel and slide rails. Many skaters use shopping center parking lots on off hours to practice their techniques when a skate-park is closed or not available in their area.



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