Skateboarding Wheels and Safety Equipment

Skateboard wheels were originally made of steel and then subsequently were made of polyurethane. The poly wheels were so good performance wise and traction wise that in 1972 skateboarding started to revive again after six to eight years of plummeting in popularity. Companies started to invest in research and development and little by little better wheels were manufactured.

There are a number of different sizes of wheels for skateboards and when size is talked about it is with regard to the diameter size. The average skater will be happy with wheels that 52 mm but there are other skating activities that use wheels that are larger. Street skaters like to use wheel as large as 55mm while vert skaters like them between 60 and 65mm even though some like them a bit smaller. The cruisers like their wheels to be as large as 75 mm and are for speed and smoother rides.

Safety equipment is essential for every skater from novice to professional. The first piece of safety equipment every skater must have is a helmet. There are many helmets that are lightweight and made of the most technologically strong plastics making them the most durable and best helmets to have. Also needed for safety are elbow pads and knee pads. Theses pads are usually made of soft cushiony fabric on the inside and hard durable plastic on the outside to take the brunt of any fall. Gloves are also great to have since most people have the urge to put out their hands as they fall.



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