Pushing and Stopping when Skateboarding

There are a number of different ways to push off but there is really only one correct one. This technique helps a skater to remain balanced and will help to increase the speed. One must have the lead foot on the bolts that are on the front of the board. The opposite foot needs to be extended in front of the body. Then in one motion thrust off with the foot that is on the ground in order to start the skateboard in motion. Then maintain the pushing foot as flat as possible to increase the force and technique. Keep the knees bent so that it can ensure the movement is stable and the body remains balanced.

Any skateboard can reach high speeds while going downhill run, therefore the art of slowing down the skateboard and stopping it is one technique that needs to be learned from the beginning. If one knows how to slow the board down then one can ensure he or she will maintain control of the board even when it reaches a high rate of speed. One should use the same foot that was used to push, to slow down.

If there is a problem and sense the need to slow down then removing the pushing foot off and shoe onto the ground helps in rapid stop. Leaning backwards and balancing out the riding stance and continuing to drag the heel on the ground brings the board to a complete stop. This works very well but one may find you will need to replace the shoes more often.



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