Swing Boarding and Land Paddling

Swing boarding is done when a skateboard deck is taken and suspended from the pivot point above the rider thereby allowing the rider to then rise above the pivot point. The board then swings and creates a similar movement to a half pipe. This may have come from riders that were sitting around their back yards and swinging on their swing sets. The end results are like a rider swinging in a back and forth motion.

Land paddling is a technique that uses a stick and long pole while on a longboard. The stick is used to propel the board further and further without having to pump. This works out very well if one wants to take a long ride on a beach that has a paved area for bicycles or skateboards. The technique allows one to use the pole or stick much like the pilots of the boats that are all through the canals of Venice. This is great exercise for the shoulders, back and arms and allows for rest of the feet since there will be no need for pumping and with a long board the ride is smoother and much more stable.

There are a number of techniques that can be learned with skateboards and all of them should be learned with patience and lots of practice. The worst thing that can be done is to attempt techniques that are much more difficult that your experience level, which are certain to lead to injuries.



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