Kick Turn, Tick-Tack and Manual

The tick tack gives one the opportunity to change direction while the board it still rolling forward. Take the back foot and place it on the back inclined part of the skateboard. This part of the board is known as the tail. Then pushing down on the tail, lifting the front of the skateboard and its wheels off the ground will allow for changing direction. One can move the hips from one side to another and change the skateboards direction.

The kick turn is similar to the Tick tack in that is uses the same motion but this maneuver allows one to move the board a full 180 degrees. When one gets to the top of a skate ramp, pressure put on the tail raises the front of the board and swings it left or right and as one completes the 180 turn one can take the pressure off the back tail and lower the front of the skateboard to get all four wheels back on the ground.

The manual can be learned on a flat surface in order to get used to the balancing technique. Push down on the back of the board (tail) in order to bring life the wheels in front. Put the hands out to balance on the wheels in back. One needs to avoid touching the tail on the ground so it does not scrap in order to increase the overall length of the manual. If this is done on the front wheels of the skateboard it would be known as a nose manual.



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